Top 100 Best Party Songs – Summer 2022 Charts

As the world comes out of lockdown, shakes off a pretty rough past two years, it's time to get social again and start partying! Of course, the best party songs are essential when partying in the summer sun. The top songs from Jukestar parties around the...
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Introducing Jukestar Radio

Jukestar Radio is taking the humble wireless radio station into the new era. You and others like you know what you want to hear. No more ads, no more radio station DJs talking incessantly, no more top 40 songs on permanent rotation, no more talkback sessions...
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Tokens won’t cause an issue, and we’ll explain why

More than 95% of parties are completely free We have carefully designed the token system so that guests can participate without having to pay for tokens. In fact, more than 95% of Jukestar parties run without guests paying. In most cases, guests have...
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