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Halloween Playlist – Song suggestions for your party

Is that a clown in a drain grate? Did her head just spin around backwards?? Time for some freaky Halloween partying! Follow this playlist in Spotify and it can be used as the suggestions playlist in Jukestar, helping your creepy guests kickstart a spooky...
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Jukestar Party Charts: Summer 2017

Introducing the Jukestar Party Charts: Top songs from Jukestar parties around the world. Here are this 2017 summer's top 20 most requested and highest voted songs. Follow this playlist in Spotify and it can be used as the suggestions playlist in Jukestar,...
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How to run the Jukestar party jukebox app on your iPhone or iPad

Having an iPhone jukebox app at your party is awesome because your guests get to be involved in the the music! There are a number of jukebox and iPad party DJ apps available, but few incorporate a truely social collaborative element. This is important...
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Find the perfect party music playlist full of the best dance songs

Having the best music playlist for your party is crucial so your party guests to have an awesome, memorable night. Finding a Spotify playlist full of only the best dance songs is hard. Dance songs that suit your taste and those of your guests... What...
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Plan your next party quicker by forgetting the music

There are a lot of things to organise when throwing a party. Music can easily be left until last. Often leaving a strong temptation to slap together a quick playlist or simply put on the radio. However it makes such a difference to the ambiance. Maybe...
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How to run the Jukestar jukebox app on your Mac or PC

Jukestar, the social jukebox app for Spotify, is a free jukebox app that acts like a DJ at your party. Party guests can request and vote for songs from the millions available on Spotify and Jukestar's algorithm will carefully distribute all these track...
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