How To

How to suggest songs to your guests

Jukestar works with the power of Spotify to give your guests the ability to request almost any song they can possibly imagine. This can sometimes be a little overwhelming, especially at the beginning of the party. Why not help your guests with someu song...
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How to run the Jukestar party jukebox app on your iPhone or iPad

Having an iPhone jukebox app at your party is awesome because your guests get to be involved in the the music! There are a number of jukebox and iPad party DJ apps available, but few incorporate a truely social collaborative element. This is important...
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How to run the Jukestar jukebox app on your Mac or PC

Jukestar, the social jukebox app for Spotify, is a free jukebox app that acts like a DJ at your party. Party guests can request and vote for songs from the millions available on Spotify and Jukestar's algorithm will carefully distribute all these track...
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