Cheat the system, get unlimited free tokens

Jukestar uses tokens, but more than 95% of guests party for free. Here’s the not so secret way to get the most out of it (including unlimited free tokens):

The Basics: Stick to standard requests and standard votes

It’s tempting to blow all your tokens on Super Requests. Save the Super Requests for the songs you desperately want to hear. As long as you’re picking awesome songs, the other guests' votes for your song will move it higher in the queue.

Get your favourite song requests in early

As the queue fills up, the longer your song is in there the more chance of votes, pushing it higher and higher. We’ve made it easy for you to add your favourites directly from your Spotify account and find that one song you can’t quite put your finger on.

Keep earning free tokens

Make your requests and votes before the max free token limit is reached (every ~15 minutes). We’ve included push notifications to save you having to keep checking your phone. Provided your token level is less than the limit, you’ll keep earning free tokens every minute.


Get in there and vote for what you like (or even just veto what you hate). Yes it uses a couple of tokens, but this is what makes Jukestar so powerful. The more everyone votes, the more on point the music will be throughout the night (and the faster your song will play when others vote for it). Go on, do your bit: vote.

More influence

Use Super Requests and Super Vetoes when you really want some extra influence. Or you could go next level and Gate Crash the party - interrupting everything to play your chosen song immediately. Please do this responsibly and choose a banger… Or don’t. Just don’t choose Nickelback, everyone hates Nickelback…

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