Listen Together with Spotify – From the comfort of your home

Listen Together Spotify and Jukestar

Music is always more fun when you listen together with friends. The happy highs, the sombre lows, that tingle down your spine when the combination of verse and melody resonate with you. So far the only real ways to listen together are:

  • to be in the same room, or
  • to choose a playlist and have everyone try and press play at exactly the same time, or
  • awkwardly trying to stream it via video conference, but
  • there is now a new solution:

Listen Together with Spotify and Jukestar Webplayer

You can now listen together Spotify from anywhere at anytime, including in the comfort of your own home. No need to be in the same room, be limited to a fixed playlist, or limited to two people.

The Jukestar Webplayer uses the Jukestar Jukebox and Spotify Premium to bring live, interactive and synchronized music to groups anywhere in the world. The Jukestar Jukebox lets everyone request, vote and veto with the next song only being locked in when the last song finishes. Spotify Premium lets you listen on any Spotify Connect device (even wireless speakers). All the awesome moments from a typical Jukestar party can now be experienced together from a safe distance: pride when your banger comes on and everyone loves it, laughter when someone sneaks a terrible track through, vindication when that song is promptly vetoed by everyone and most importantly, only hearing the best music that the group wants to hear. If you have Spotify Premium, you can now listen in.

Getting Started

  1. Someone will need to host the Jukestar "party", so get them to use the Jukestar Host app (available on iOS and Android). Read more about hosting a party here.
  2. Everyone else can visit the Jukestar Webplayer at their own house and listen in to the music, in sync with the host.
  3. Now just like any normal Jukestar party, everyone can request, vote and veto via the Jukestar Guest app (available on iOS and Android).
  4. If you're going to be listening for a while, it could be worth getting the host to set a suggestions playlist to automatically cover any times when requests run out.
  5. No one can hog the playlist. The good stuff gets played. The bad stuff gets skipped.

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