Request your songs faster with these tips

Here’s a few ways we’ve made it easy to request songs in Jukestar. This way you can place your request, and get back to partying. Basically how to be a power user.

Request from your own Spotify playlists by sharing

You can find a track in your own Spotify app and share it directly to Jukestar. Just select the track in the Spotify app and press share, then choose “Request in Jukestar” from the share list (on Android it appears in the “More” list).

"Damnit, I know the perfect song, but I can’t remember the name"

Hear a song play and it makes you think “OMG, I know the perfect song”? Awesome. Can’t think of the name of that song though? Hmmmm, maybe we can help. You can look up related artists for the playing song (or any song your search for in fact) by tapping the more icon next to the song and choosing Related Artists from the dropdown menu. Assuming the song you're thinking of is in the same genre, the artist might appear in the list. But if listening to Kanye makes you think of Nickelback, well, we can’t help you. Scratch that, nobody can help you.

More of the good stuff

Want to dive down the rabbit hole and listen to more by the same artist or from the album? Well, that’s easy. Tap the more icon next to any song in Jukestar and you’ll see More By Artist and More From Album options.

Search like a bloodhound (gang)

Ok, this is starting to get a little nerdy, but it is possible to use special search terms to narrow down your song search. This advanced search syntax digs right into the Spotify search algorithm to give even more precise matches. They wrote about it years ago, and although the page is no longer on their website, the search terms still work a treat.
A quick summary:

  • “”: Use quotes to surround any search term that has a space. Eg. "Under The Bridge"
  • Tags: Use the following tags to search within specific fields (make sure you don’t leave a space after the colon)
    • year: Eg. year:1984
    • genre: Search within Spotify’s (sometimes obscure) genres Eg. genre:"berlin minimal techno"
    • track: Eg. track:"Queen"
    • artist: Eg. artist:"Childish Gambino"
    • album: Eg. album:"Best of"
  • Boolean: Use uppercase AND, +, NOT, -, OR for more control. Eg. "major lazer" NOT bieber
  • Combining all of the above: Eg. +”remind me” -nickelback track:”radio edit"

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