How to maintain control over the music but still give guests choice

Want to give your guests the opportunity to request the music but still want complete control over your party? It’s possible. Perhaps a little like a dictatorship with the illusion of democracy. But possible, nonetheless.

This mode is actually very useful for weddings or venues where specific music styles are required.

This mode works by limiting guest song requests to songs from your suggestions playlist. Guests will not be able to search for their own songs. For best results, ensure the playlist chosen has ample songs for guests to choose from. For a 4 hour long party, a suggestions playlist with at least 200 songs will give enough choice (here are some of the most popular songs on Jukestar).

You can even turn this mode on midway through the party. From that point on (or until you turn it off), requests will be limited. Say for example, during the dinner portion of your wedding you want a specific style of music - limit it to suggestions only. Then once dinner has finished and the dance floor has started up, turn the limit off and guests can request anything. Through out all of this, guest voting continues, so you’ll still have the most popular songs playing.

Below we explain how to turn on the limit songs to suggestions playlist mode:

How to control the music


  1. Start your party in the Jukestar Host Android app
  2. Tap the tree dots in the top right
  3. Tap “Edit Party”
  4. Make sure you have a suggestions playlist selected with at least 200 songs
  5. Tap “Labs (Advanced)”
  6. Tap “Limit song requests to suggestions playlist”
  7. Tap “Apply Labs”
  8. Tap “Update Party”


  1. Start your party in the Jukestar Host iOS app
  2. Tap the “Edit Party” tab
  3. Make sure you have a suggestions playlist selected with at least 200 songs
  4. Tap “Labs (Advanced)”
  5. Tap “Limit requests to suggestions playlist”
  6. Tap “Apply Labs”
  7. Tap “Update Party”


If you make changes to the suggestions playlist in Spotify, you will need to refresh the playlist in Jukestar. Goto the edit party screeen and tap update party, this will refresh the playlist within Jukestar.

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