How to suggest songs to your guests

Jukestar works with the power of Spotify to give your guests the ability to request almost any song they can possibly imagine. This can sometimes be a little overwhelming, especially at the beginning of the party. Why not help your guests with someu song suggestions.

As the party host, you can choose a playlist from your Spotify account and it will be presented to guests as a list of suggested songs. Guests can even use these songs to find related artists.

Here is how to set a suggestions playlist in your Jukestar party.


  1. Create a party
  2. Tap the tree dots in the top right
  3. Tap “Edit Party”
  4. Choose a suggestions playlist
  5. Tap “Update Party”


  1. While creating party, choose a suggestions playlist
  2. If the party is already created tap the “Edit Party” tab
  3. Choose a suggestions playlist
  4. Tap “Update Party”


If you make changes to the playlist in Spotify, you will need to refresh the playlist in Jukestar. Goto the edit party screeen and tap update party, this will refresh the playlist within Jukestar.

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